Croatin Labour Party Running for European Parliament Seats

Croatian Labour Party has presented in public its list of twelve candidates for the seats in the European Parliament. Croatia joins the EU on July 1st 2013 and the ad hoc elections for the 12 Croatian MEPs will be held on April 14 2013.

We have launched two main mottos for the election campaign. One is „For your voice in the European Union“, offering average Croatian citizens, our voters the candidates who are going to represent their interests in the EU Parliament.

The other is „We shall preserve our own values“, saying the Labour Party will oppose further privatisation of national resources and will try to preserve social and other rights of Croatian citizens in Europe and enhance them.

The candidates on the list come from all the parts of Croatia, all of them have university degrees and are quite able and ready to take the responsibilities of MEPs.

The candidates on the list are:

1. Nikola Vuljanić, English teacher and Member of the Croatian Parliament from Karlovac,

2. Marita Brčić Kuljiš, Ph.D., Assistant Professor from Split,

3. Stipe Drmić, psychiatrist from Zagreb,

4. Dina Domijan, tourist manager from Crikvenica,

5. Damir Hršak, Ph.D., Professor of chemistry from Krapina,

6. Drago Čulina, German and French teacher and journalist from Zadar,

7. Đulijano Grum, engineer of chemistry from Zagreb,

8. Silvija Dološić, graduated from Law School in Osijek,

9. William Negri, ship captain and businessman from Pazin,

10. Zdenka Brebrić, MSc, school psychologist from Bjelovar,

11. Marija Schubert, accounting manager from Ludbreg and

12. Aljana Kovačić, MSc in Computer Sciences, manager from Čakovec.

Our campaign will be spent in the marketplaces, on city squares, everywhere where people meet and spend their time. We do not expect our voters to come to us; we come where our voters are.

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