Statement regarding recent violence in Croatia

Zagreb, Croatia – On Sunday, February 27th, the president of the Croatian Labour Party, Mr. Dragutin Lesar, issued a statement regarding recent protests and riots in Croatia. During the past week a number of protests were held against the government. For the most part the protests were peaceful but there were also a number of incidents, mainly involving younger citizens and some veterans. The government unofficially accused opposition parties of inciting unrest with the goal of destabilizing the country and, according to Prime Minister Ms. Jadranka Kosor, hindering the EU accesion.

Mr. Lesar made clear that the official position of the Croatian Labour Party is that violence in any shape or form should not be condoned and that legitimate and legal means are the only way for political action. However Mr. Lesar pointed out that citizens have the right of assembly and protest and that the current situation in the country warrants such behaviour. Further more Mr. Lesar expects that the violence will continue and in that case the government will be responsible for the chaos due to its inaction and incompetence.

The Croatian Labour Party holds that the only political solution the current government can offer is to immediately announce the date for early parliamentary elections.


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