PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS 2011: Official preparations for a coalition with workers are under way!

Zagreb, Croatia — There is no doubt that the Croatian Labour Party will present a pleasant surprise in the upcoming parliamentary elections. There are numerous reasons to support this claim.

Firstly, there are no unresolved affairs connected to our party, so we cannot be blackmailed. We perform what we have put on paper, which means we’re different. Others promise while we labour. Analysts say we are the only party which opens discussions on topics relevant to everyday life. This is because we listen to the people we aim to represent in the Croatian Parliament – Croatian workers which live from their work.

We don’t offer ourselves for sale to any interested parties. Our allies, or if you will, our coalition partners, are workers. We have no political parties as allies, neither the so-called left nor the so-called right. We will stand alone at the parliamentary elections. And what is to follow?

We will certainly serve as a parliamentary voice for workers, but we will also uncompromisingly fight for workers’ rights. Workers have been jointly trampled for two decades by both the government and the tycoons. We have no choice but to stand against those who robbed Croatia during 17 years in office, sold it away and morally disfigured it. As for those who watched this destruction almost silently for all these years, we can talk to them, but only if they accept the following as a starting point for discussion.

We advocate a redistribution of wealth (a different, Scandinavian type of capitalism in which workers are shareholders) and sovereign monetary policy (oriented towards Croatian citizens and stimulating the economy). We deem it necessary to establish a powerful Croatian national bank, in order to partly reacquire long-lost sovereignty. Furthermore, we want to ban the further privatization of the energy resources, roads, water, agricultural lands, the food industry, coastline and islands, i.e. of our entire heritage, which we need to preserve for our children and grandchildren. We also aim to develop new election laws, encompassing revised residence regulations, as well as a new list of voters which will not contain 500 000 living and dead phantoms created by the ruling CDU. We advocate a new election model as well, characterised by open lists which will enable citizens to vote for people, not parties, logically distributed election units (motion already in Parliament), use of referendums as means for direct decision-making, abolishment of privileged and untouchable classes (politicians and pensioners, for example).

The Croatian Labour Party has debated these issues since it was founded in great detail and has concluded that it is possible to accomplish all of the above. It can only be done by those who want to do it, who know how to do it and who have the courage to do it. We are the courageous ones who want to do it and who know how to do it.

Since the spring we have begun to prepare for the parliamentary elections by visiting all our branches and subsidiaries all over the country. After the National Council of the Party has decided to establish the Operational Election Headquarters, things gave begun to heat up. Namely, the Croatian Labour Party is the only party in which election lists are not created by the president and not populated by “his people”. It has been left to individual branches to decide whether we will compete in parliamentary elections in that particular election unit. Following meetings and decisions on local levels, we have decided to compete in all ten election units!

The following coordinators have been named by the Operational Headquarters and assigned to election units: 1. Branko Vukšić, 2. Petar Kanešić, 3. Dragutin Lesar, 4. Antun Kapraljević, 5. Ivan Šprajc, 6. Mladen Novak, 7. Nikola Vuljanić, 8. Nansi Tireli, 9. Jadran Periša and Slavko Stanina, 10. Ante Buklijaš.

Currently in motion is also the formation of election headquarters in each of the ten election units, according to Article 33. of the Party’s organization policy. In order to ensure a democratic process of preparing for elections and creating election lists, the Presidency of the Labour Party will decide on 17. September on the precise means and deadlines for proposing candidates for election lists. It will also decide on deadlines for joint meetings of the executive committees in individual branches within each election unit. In these meetings, the members will vote to distribute places in the election lists for each branch. Based on this distribution, the candidates for the final list will be chosen by secret ballot. The proposals will be debated by the Presidency and the National Council will have the final say.

However, there are practicalities to deal with first, the most complicated one and in some respects the most important one being money (the Croatian national currency is naturally the chosen currency of our Party). Without it we resemble a man with no limbs. We need funds in order to buy radio and TV airtime, to print posters and flyers, to distribute pens and lighters and umbrellas and all sorts of other things. We would also appreciate all donations – we need cars for the campaign and at least one van; we could also use donations in envelopes, paper, office supplies, computers…

The Operational Headquarters is devising original means to obtain donations by as many citizens as possible (who will now make a small investment in the Labour Party, but profit heavily in the next four years), but also to meet citizens and reporters during the campaign. Many citizens today already know that the best and the most profitable political stock is the stock of the Croatian Labour Party.

We have already come far in preparing for the elections. We started with nothing and were viewed sceptically, but today we are within an inch of our goal. To make the final step we need help by each Party member, each supporter and each volunteer. In order to lead Croatia on the right path for the first time, we cannot rest until the 4. December.

After the election the Labour Party will be a major parliamentary factor, and there is huge work to be done to change policies and repair damage done by previous governments. We want to make Croatia a fair and prosperous country for all those who live from their work.

Author: ~Branko Vukšić
Translation: ~Ivana Domić

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