Laborists opened the Book of Complaints for citizens' comments on Zagreb mayor Milan Bandić

The book is set on the Laborists’ stand on King Tomislav Square, and from Autumn there will be one in every Zagreb’s borough.

The Zagreb branch of Croatian Laborists – The Labor Party has set up a stand on the King Tomislav Square, in front of the entrance into Importanne Center, with a book of complaints for all citizens and visitors of the Croatian capital to note their comments and complaints on the work of city mayor Milan Bandić and city Administration.

– We want to point out to the state of things and give the citizens the opportunity to give a clear message to the mayor on public opinion regarding quality of life in Zagreb. We want to warn the citizens about the fact that Zagreb’s mayor, instead of serving real interests of citizens of his city, restlessly spends tax payers’ money on his own election campaign, God knows which one in a row, explicated the president of the Laborists organization in Zagreb, Robert Purgovečki.

The action “Book of complaints” will be effective until the end of August only on King Tomislav Square, and from Autumn there will be one in every Zagreb’s borough, organized for noting the complaints against Bandić and his associates by city branches of Croatian Laborists – The Labor Party.

More and more popular in the city under Sljeme

The ever growing popularity of Laborists in Zagreb is also in favor of this activity. The polls show that the success this new parliament party “reaps” on national level is more and more obvious also in the city under Sljeme and there is ever growing number of sympathizers coming from disappointed workers, quite recently devoted to SDP and HNS.

The political inclinations of citizens of Zagreb, which become more favorably disposed to the Laborists, did not surprise Dr. Anđelko Milardović, director of the Center for political researches, who believes that certain redistribution took place in the left-wing political option.

– SDP becomes increasingly neoliberal, and less and less social democratic. Its interest in basic questions and areas like working people ever decreases – the fact that Laborists have skillfully made good use of. Should they continue to rule in such manner on national level, their political position (as well as HNS’s) could be significantly shaken.

Laborists in Zagreb are very aware of their power as well, and mention with pride that from their establishment in February 2010 up to date they’ve gathered a little bit under 1100 members.

People are chosen, not the parties

– We differ from other parties also with being on the streets frequently, with the citizens that complain to us on local government and problems in their boroughs and streets. We, as a party, want to hear the citizens’ opinions on local issues and will do our best to solve them – says Robert Purgovečki, president of the Laborists in Zagreb.

Laborists do not want to predict the effect of this on local elections, saying that the voters will recognize their efforts. They point out that they will also be the party with own representatives in the assembly in the third Sunday of May next year, and soon they will decide on their own candidate for city mayor. They a re clear about forming a coalition with other parties, which still do not recognize them as a serious political opponent.

– We don’t want to be political merchants, but politicians who will put interests of citizens of Zagreb in foreground. The party has even on national level clearly shown with whom it doesn’t want to form a coalition, and we on the local level will stand by that – clearly stated Laborists in Zagreb.


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