61.000 signatures of support

Zagreb, Croatia — Mr. Dragutin Lesar, president of the Croatian Labour Party, announced on a press conference, held on Tuesday February 22nd at the party’s HQ, that the initiative “Open letter for government’s resignation„ collected 61.000 signatures. The Croatian Labour Party is very satisfied with the results of the action and, according to Mr. Lesar, it is an equivalent of having 61.000 people gather in protest against the government.

The initiative was held from February 1st to February 19th across Croatia and citizens could sing the open letter at designated points manned by the Croatian Labour Party’s volunteers and over the internet. The whole action was public and intended to show dissatisfaction among citizens of Croatia with the current government headed by Croatian Democratic Union’s (CDU) Prime Minister Ms. Jadranka Kosor.

Mr. Lesar thanked all who expressed their support by signing the open letter but also expressed his support for those who did not dare to sign out of the fear for their jobs and livelihoods. The initiative comes at the time when a large number of citizens are scared of social insecurity, lack of stability, corruption and the government’s general lack of interest in their welfare.

It should also be remembered that in 2010 the trade unions and Croatian opposition, including CLP, and collected enough signatures to call out the referendum against the proposed changes of the labour law. The initiative was skilfully dodged by government’s manipulation of the proposal, with support by government dominated supreme court, and in the end the referendum wasn’t held causing the feeling of apathy and dissatisfaction among the citizens.

At the press conference Mr. Lesar also proposed two constructive measures that would have immediate beneficial impact on the current abysmal economic situation in Croatia (over 340.000 unemployed and roughly 75.000 employed who don’t receive compensation for their work). The first measure revolves around the adjustment of debt between the parties who are mutually in debt; the current total amount of such debts is about 5 billion Euros. The second measure contains the regulation of payment deadlines which are currently for all practical purposes unorganized.

The Croatian Labour Party requested a meeting with government’s representatives in order to deliver the citizens’ signatures and present the government with the above mentioned constructive measures. If no answer arrives by 1 PM, Thursday February 24th, the signatures will be mailed to the government.


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